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Torrance, CA | Riverside, CA

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Have you seen the 2014 National Games logo?

The new logo incorporates two iconic symbols from Southern California – the Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge in Torrance and the Raincross in Riverside.

Featured on the left side of the logo, the Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge (or Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge) is an historic double-tracked arch bridge located in Torrance. Included in the original layout of Torrance in 1913, the bridge is a tribute to the city's rich past. This is not the first time the bridge is making an appearance on AYSO memorabilia – it was also incorporated into the logo for the Torrance Centennial AYSO Invitational Tournament in celebration of the city's 100th birthday in 2012.

Highlighted on the right side of the National Games logo, the Raincross – designed by Mission Inn owner Frank Miller and architect Arthur Benton – was adopted as Riverside's symbol in the 1900s. It has since been incorporated into the design of the city's streetlights, fixtures and even as part of the 91 Freeway. The Raincross is also incorporated into the logo for Region 47's annual Localmotion Tournament, now in its 19th year.

AYSO is so excited to be hosting the 2014 National Games (the year of our 50th anniversary!) in these two great cities. We know that attending players, parents and volunteers will not only enjoy a week of exciting soccer and sportsmanship, but also a week of rich Southern California culture.

Riverside, CA

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