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National Games Invitation Process

The invitations to the National Games 2014 have gone out. If you did not receive an invitation, you're likely curious as to what the next steps are. The National Games is at its core, a cultural event; and while the games include competition, the lottery draw invitations are focused on securing participation from numerous Regions in each Section. Every effort is made to ensure that the maximum number of different Regions from each Section will be invited to participate in the National Games.

Once the Master Lottery Draw is completed, the Region submissions result in Tiers: Tier One: Each Section has a guaranteed slot in each age division in which one of their Regions has entered. If no Region in that Section entered for a slot in a certain division, there will be no slot reserved for that Section. The maximum number of Regions invited in each age group U-10 through U-19 is 24. The initial invitations will be determined by the lottery draw order and by the not duplicating the Regions who are awarded slots.

Most Sections will have two Region slots per division, some will have only one. Tier Two: The slots in each age group will be filled from Tier Two as the invitations issued to Tier One are declined or a Tier One Region withdraws for any other reason. Tier Three: Encompasses (a) all Regions which requested more than one slot in the same age division and (b) all Regions which enter a Lottery Draw form after the Lottery Draw deadline are placed in this Tier. Only after Tier Two invitations have been finalized will Tier Three be considered.

The master draw order is used to determine the order of invitees. A second (or third) team from the same Region will only be invited in any age group provided that all other Regions represented in that Section have been invited. Regional Commissioners of all Regions that are invited in Tier One will be sent a letter of congratulations together with a timeline of instructions to secure their slot in the Games. Intent to Participate forms and registrations fees must be received by Sept. 15, 2013, in order to confirm participation in the National Games 2014.

First AYSO National Games Team Commits

It's official - a U-19 girls' team from Region 19 in Culver City, Calif., is the first confirmed team participating in the National Games 2014!  
Now that the lottery is done, invitations to selected divisions have been rolling out. If a division in your Region has been selected, you will soon be receiving an invitation for your division from the National Games venue staff. You must accept or decline your National Games invitation by Sept. 15, 2013.   
See you in 2014, Region 19!

National Games Lottery Results

The National Games 2014 Lottery Draw is done and the participating teams have been selected!

This year's lottery draw was easier than ever; the process was automated and the draw was done quickly and smoothly. The draw and the resulting outcome were a big source of excitement at this year's National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in National Harbor, Md. (Photo of lottery results posted at NAGM on the right.)

Check out the lottery draw results for the Core and EXTRAâ„¢ programs here.

If a team or teams in your Region has been selected, congratulations! You will soon be receiving an acceptance letter for your division from the National Games venue staff. You must accept or decline your National Games invitation by Sept. 15, 2013.

If your EXTRA team has been drawn in the lottery, your Region's or Area's EXTRA Program must be approved by the National Board of Directors (NBOD). If your program is not approved, you have until Sept. 15, 2013, to get approval from the NBOD.

Everyone Plays® at the National Games!!

The National Games 2014 will be held June 29 - July 7, 2014 in Torrance, Calif. and Riverside, Calif. Ask your Regional Commissioner or Area Director to register your VIP team today at National Games VIP Registration, you must register for one city or the other at that time. All VIP teams that register will automatically be entered to play. A confirmation email will be sent to the Regional Commissioner/Area Director after registering.You must register and pay by January 15, 2014 to secure your spot.

The VIP Governing Rules can be found here

Please contact Colleen Dalit for further information, or (800) 872-2976 x 7983.

Adult Soccer Included in National Games 2014

For the first time in the history of the National Games, adult players from the North American Adult Soccer Association (NAASA) are being invited to participate in the National Games.

Adults will join players from the Core, EXTRA and VIP Programs to partake in the National Games tradition and help celebrate AYSO's 50th Anniversary in 2014. The Games are being held in Torrance and Riverside, Calif., from June 29 to July 6, 2014.

Regions must fill out a Lottery Intent Form to qualify for the lottery. You can find the Lottery Intent Form here.

Registration must be completed online by noon ET on Friday, May 24, 2013. The National Games lottery will be held in five weeks at the NAGM in National Harbor, Md.

If your Region would like different programs (Core, EXTRA, NAASA, VIP) to participate in the National Games, a separate Lottery Intent Form must be filled out for each program.

Please note: there will be no mailers sent out for the NAGM or the National Games lottery this year; everything is being done online.

Send in Your National Games Lottery Intent Forms

AYSO's VIP Program will again be a major part of the National Games in 2014, with VIP play taking place at both the Riverside and Torrance, Calif., locations.


To have your VIP (Very Important Player) team participate at the National Games 2014, registratration and money due by January 15, 2014. Two locations are available: Riverside and Torrance. All VIP Regions or Areas that register will be eligible to participate in the Games.

Regions and/or Areas looking to send teams from their core programs to the Games. All intent forms must be received by May 24. The lottery draw for the core programs will happen on Sunday, May 26, 2013, at this year's National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in National Harbor, Md.

Learn more about National Games 2014.