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The AYSO Section Meetings are meetings put on by each section to help the volunteers train, educate and prepare themselves for their job with AYSO. Each section meeting's focus is on educating and inspiring all of our volunteers. Each meeting will arm volunteers with the tools necessary to give their Region's players the true "AYSO Experience": a chance to learn and play soccer in a safe and positive environment that encourages player development and good sportsmanship.

The meetings are conveniently located and affordable, and are the perfect way to make your AYSO experience all the more fulfilling, rewarding and effective.


No one is perfect. Mistakes get made. But when Respect is the foundation of our relationships, we treat each other with courtesy, consideration and patience. Kids watch the behavior of adults and they learn how to relate to the world around them. The RESPECT Campaign began as a "respect for referees" initiative in Europe and has now spanned the globe, picking up meaning as it has traveled. Under its umbrella U.S. Soccer, the governing body of all soccer in America (AYSO is a member), has launched a fan-respect campaign for fans in the stands; the European Football Union (UEFA) added a diversity and inclusion component and AYSO has kicked the ball further, by embracing it as a campaign for parents, players, referees and coaches.

In AYSO, Respect isn't about "the other guy," it always starts with "me". It means respectful behavior towards other parents, referees (who volunteer their time to ensure that every game is fun, fair and safe), coaches (who dedicate hours every week to make sure every player is learning soccer and having a great AYSO experience), administrators (who give countless hours to register players, line fields, hang nets, set up schedules and rosters, process money and so much more) and, most importantly, the kids that we all care so much about.

Youth sports are as much about learning life lessons as learning the sport on the field. So the RESPECT Campaign encourages everyone to work together to ensure our players are learning the lesson of Respect.

"" is rolling out as the theme for the 2013 Section Meetions. It was unveiled at the 2012 National Annual General Meeting in Seattle.

Respect may not specifically be one of the Six Philosophies of AYSO, but it is embedded in everything AYSO does. From Good Sportsmanship to Kids ZoneĀ®, Respect on the field, on the sidelines and in the community is what makes AYSO the special organization that it is.